A. Varuna b. doktrina ng Varna
c. harappa mohendro daro
d. dravidians
e. mahabharata
f. batas ng dharma
g. moksa
h. Vedas
I. Kshatriya
j. Vishnu
k. Ramayana
L. batas ng karma
m. Agni
n. siva

A. Varuna

b. doktrina ng Varnac. harappa mohendro darod.dravidianse. mahabharataf. batas ng dharm

anamaliiow   ·   17.10.2021 14:00
answered: tabithacat3536
15.07.2019 13:00
Answer (prosecution);
answered: sarahjunexx
13.07.2019 23:40
The answer is b. a pro-natalist
answered: kmisure
09.07.2019 02:30

i think the answer is b or c.

by: nicholas dooley

answered: lily3934
17.10.2021 14:00
j. VishnuI. Kshatriya ( d ako sure )k. Ramayana / (Renaissance (kaso wala ) )

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