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zoseta   ·   17.10.2021 14:40
answered: geunagillis1
10.08.2019 09:10
You should ease the seat belt back slightly and slowly
answered: emberferran
30.07.2019 00:00
The  knowledge gap  as been recast more recently as a “digital divide”  gap. with the internet and social media many things can be done faster and better. so much faster and better that those that do not have access to them are literally left out of the game. 
answered: amy290
14.07.2019 03:30

if triangle abc is congruent to triangle def, their interior angles are congruent, because congruent parts of congruent triangles are congruent (cpctc).

that means ∠d is congruent to ∠a; ∠d is equal to 8x - 2.

interior angles of all triangles add to equal 180 degrees, so you can set the sum of these interior angle values equal to 180 and solve for x.

180 = (8x - 2) + 22 + 72

180 = 8x - 2 + 22 + 72

180 = 8x + 92

88 = 8x

11 = x

x = 11

answered: rasv3491
29.06.2019 11:30
Ithink the answer is d

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