Ap environmental science!! Will mark brainliest if correct! 2 questions shown in pic

Ap environmental science!! Will mark brainliest if correct! 2 questions shown in pic

ella3714   ·   17.10.2021 19:50
12.08.2019 18:20

f u loc


answered: sneckoencko
02.08.2019 20:10

actually, no it isn't. when i was in junior high school, it was a blast. considering that it was a pre international baccalaureate school.


answered: amy290
14.07.2019 03:30

if triangle abc is congruent to triangle def, their interior angles are congruent, because congruent parts of congruent triangles are congruent (cpctc).

that means ∠d is congruent to ∠a; ∠d is equal to 8x - 2.

interior angles of all triangles add to equal 180 degrees, so you can set the sum of these interior angle values equal to 180 and solve for x.

180 = (8x - 2) + 22 + 72

180 = 8x - 2 + 22 + 72

180 = 8x + 92

88 = 8x

11 = x

x = 11

answered: nikolas36
26.06.2019 15:30




crunch, crunch , crunch




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