Read the scenario below and answer the question that follows.
Paul watches a lot of violent television. When he goes to school, he is usually anxious because he believes that the other
students may attack him. His constant agitation prevents him from concentrating in class.
Which of the following effects is most likely responsible for Paul's behavior?
A. aggressor effect
B. victim effect
C. appetite effect
D. hostile expectation bias

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02.07.2019 23:30

c. the initial amount of money placed in the savings account

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02.07.2019 12:30

you didn't give any options but heres what i can tell you: an inference is likely to change based on additional observations. the latter is something that you have seen or sensed using your sensory organs while the former is like a conclusion out from what you have observed.

answered: sweaversw9602
21.06.2019 23:00
Idon't know i don't know
answered: 4804344130
27.01.2022 04:01
hostile expectation bias


Aggressor affect is basically YOUR behaviour is violent and you act hostile towards others

Victim effect is the fear of violence and always being anxious that someone is going to hurt you

Appetite effect is the desire to eat something due to hunger (obviously haha)

And hostile expectation bias is the expectation of violence towards you, for example you accidentally spill someone’s drink and you’d expect them to react violently.

Victim effect would also make sense, but it’s more the fear of violence rather than the anxiousness and expectation of violence. Either one could work, but I think D is the best answer choice.

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