Explain how Anne and Peter’s discussion at the end of Scene I leads to character development.

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Amutation is basically the change in the gene, caused by alteration of single based units in the dna, or the genes or chromosomes were rearranged in the dna
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Im assuming this is a multiple choice answer what is the answers to chooce from?
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answer; /// i believe that the correct answer is; ///a combination of the birth and death

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At the end of scene 1, Anne and Peter relationship changes them from being acquaintances to close friends and from the side of Anne, it is a little more than that.



Towards the end of scene 1, Anne comments to Peter that it's amazing that it took them almost a year and a half to start speaking to each other.

It is after Anne storms off into her room after one of her quarrel fights with her mother, Mrs. Frank, that Peter decides to follow her. He brings her the cake that she had left behind, and this is when the two have their first meaning and real sharing sympathies about life in the annex.

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