What happens to the air as it reaches earth’s highest atmosphere A : it has less turbulence. B: it has more water vapor. C: it becomes thinner. D: it becomes extremely hot

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correct answer: understand the different control methods available

integrated pest management is an strategy that is based on the ecosystem and try to prevent the pest and the damage caused by them by applying combination of technique like habitat manipulation, biological control and use of resistant varieties.

the main aim of the integrated pest management is not to completely eliminate the pest but to strengthen the ecosystem so that conditions are favorable for plants and unfavorable for pests.

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Abay where the river empties into the sea
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1. desertification

2. captive breeding

3. black rhinoceros

4. renewable resources


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B: it has more water vapor, because as air goes higher to the atmosphere, it becomes more dense and turns into water vapor.

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