Question 6 (3 points) (02.02 MC)

The table depicts characteristics of five amphibian species (A–E). Use the information in the table to answer the following question:

Ecological Parameter Species A Species B Species C Species D Species E
Temperature Range 15–30 °C 10–40 °C 15–20 °C 10–30 °C 15–25 °C
Freshwater or Brackish Water Fresh/brackish Brackish Brackish Fresh Fresh/brackish
Food Sources Varied Two mainland species of grasshopper Only island arthropods Varied Varied
Habitat Lakes Estuaries/ponds Estuaries/ponds Lakes Lakes
Which individual(s) of the species listed in the table would likely die if moved to a new island habitat?

Species C and E

Species A and C

Species A only

Species B only

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We can plant more trees and plants.
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it should be briana that has it to me

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the correct answer should be false


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i think it is dna, i'm not totally sure but i think it might be.

Using the mrna sequence you just created and the codon wheel above, what amino acid sequence will be

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