Based on this image, what can you say about the relationship between the spider and the fly?

a. the spider and the fly share a mutualistic relationship.
b. the spider is a commensal in this relationship.
c. the fly is the prey, and the spider is the predator.
d. the spider and the fly share a parasitic relationship.

Based on this image, what can you say about the relationship between the spider and the fly? <

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after making a punnet square using bv bv bv bv you will find that the ratio will be 9: 7 or a 128.6% probability.

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C. The fly is the prey, and the spider is the predator.

answered: juniieb
09.06.2020 00:22
C. The fly is prey, the thing being eaten, and the spider is predator, the thing eating the prey.

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