Two mechanisms that affect the genetic diveristy of bacterial population

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Sorry i dont under stand can you rephase that
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Ican't see the images : ( 
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prophase: we can observe the chromosomes to coil up and condense. they become visible. nuclear membrane and envelope disintigrate.s

metaphase: chromosomes align at the center, the metaphase plate. spindle fibers attach to centromeres of the sister chromatids. they meet at kinetochores.

anaphase: sister chromatids are pulled towards each opposing centromere, set on different poles.

telophase: chromosomes are now clustered up only on either sides of the cell. nuclear membranes reform, and a new cell wall forms along the cell plate. this will lead to cytokinesis, the process that divides the cell membrane and forms the cell wall.

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Horizontal gene transfer involves several mechanisms that can increase the genetic diversity of bacterial populations.

One of these mechanisms is bacterial conjugation in which a donor cell transfers genetic material to a recipient cell through a pili which function as a conduit.

Another mechanism of variability is through bacteriophages where genetic material is moved from one bacterium to another, this method is called transduction.

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