Draw comic strip should include an example of transcription  (DNA to mRNA) and an example of translation (mRNA to amino acid, and include tRNA) as well as the location of both in the cell.

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the correct answer is option d.

an appositive is a noun, noun phrase or noun clause which follows another noun or noun phrase in order to describe it or name it another way. they are usually used between commas, brackets or dashes.

the example sentence with the correct use of commas is the following:

her uncle, the man over there in the red shirt, owns the hardware store in town.

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he forelimbs below belong to four species that descended in a direct line from the ancestral mammal shown above. of the four descendants shown, which species most likely appeared earliest in evolutionary history?

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We have to consider that the DNA is first transcribed into pre mRNA in the nucleus of the cell by the RNA polymerase. After this process, the non-coding fragments (introns) of the molecule are spliced by ribonucleoproteins (snRNP). Eventually, each end of the pre mRNA is modified, being a modified nucleotide named CAP joined to the 5' end, and a polyA (poly Adenine) tail at the 3' end before the now matured mRNA gets out of the nucleus to the cytoplasm.

At this point, the mRNA will be recognized by ribosomes, which will synthesize each group of three nucleotides (codons) into amino acids in a process called translation, by the action of tRNA, and finally joined into a new protein.

Note that A, P, and E are sites of the ribosomes, being A the position where first arrives the mRNA.

Draw comic strip should include an example of transcription  (DNA to mRNA) and an example of transla

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