Our company will continue to research and develop the latest technologies that lead to improvements in fermented organic treatments for endocrine disorders to improve the quality of life for people. This statement is an example of a company's statement. a. Promotion b. Vision c. Distribution d. Mission

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Is this supposed to be a question or a protest
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You have to buy paper to but into the scanner
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the investment was $14,174.196


a lump sum means that the father of the example made one deposit and leave it be.

we need to know the value of a capital that generated at 4.05% per year during 28 years the sum of $48,613.24

[tex]capital * (1+0.045)^{28} = 48,613.24[/tex]

now clearing the formula to solve for capital we got:

[tex]capital = \frac{48,613.24}{(1+0.045)^{28}}[/tex]

and we reach the answer investment = $14,174.20

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D. Mission

Explanation: Mission is a term used to describe the what an organisation is,what it want to achieve as it continues its business. Mission statement is vital to Organisational success as it puts all the departments,and sub units of the Organisation on the same level in terms of what is to be achieved by the Organisation. Mission statement is essential for building unity of purpose and execution of task in the Organisation as all are focused on the MISSION OF THE ORGANISATION.

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