Given the following information regarding a project involving an initial public offering (IPO):
Activities Description Duration (weeks) Predecessors
a. Check feasibility 3 —
b. Determine funding 1 —
c. Find possible banks 3 a
d. Select two possible 4 a
e. Interview two banks 4 b
f. Analyze funding costs 5 b
g. Determine chance of success 2 c ,e
h Sign contract 3 f
a) Draw the network.
b) What is the critical path?
c) Calculate the float for each activity.
d) What is the effect on the project if activity e (approvals) takes an extra week? Two extra weeks? Three extra weeks?

hiji0206   ·   28.04.2023 14:17
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answered: loveuncondition
14.07.2019 13:30
The answer is an output contract
answered: ilizzy1224
02.07.2019 05:00

i just took the test and it is financing

answered: zarzuba
30.06.2019 09:50



answered: gamerdoesart
29.06.2019 08:30

there is no following so id just amuse false

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