Find the amount of heat energy needed to convert 150 grams of ice at -15°C to ice at -63°C. Group of answer choices

A. (-) 14760 Joules because the ice is being heated.

B. (-) 14760 Joules because the ice is cooling.

C. 14760 Joules because the ice is cooling.

D. 14760 Joules because the ice is being heated.

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13.07.2019 18:30

a. the law of proportion states the combination of 2 atoms in a specific ratio to produce multiple compounds such as the given statement of question ‘1st compound contains 88.8 % cu ’ indicates 88.8 g of cu is present along with 11.2 g oxygen in 100 g of compound whereas the statement ‘2st compound contains 79.9 % cu ’ indicates 79.9 g of cu is present along with 20.1 g oxygen in 100 g of compound

1st compound contains 88.8 g cu

for cu

m = 63 g /mol

atomic % = 88.8 /63 = 1.42

for o

m = 16 g /mol

atomic % = 11.2 /16 = 0.7

b. the emperical formula of 1st compound is



answered: yunggin8243
08.07.2019 13:30

your answer is c) plasma


answered: NavyCo
07.07.2019 16:30

consider the reaction below.

 no rx

at 500 k, the reaction is at equilibrium with the following concentrations.

[pci5]= 0.0095 m

[pci3] = 0.020

[ci2] = 0.020 m

what is the equilibrium constant for the given reaction?





answered: OwenK97
06.07.2019 02:20

answer: i have one answer

acids are substances that ionize (break off) in an aqueous solution to produce hydrogen (h+) ions


hope this and sorry i could only come up with one answer!

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