Can someone help me create energy diagrams for these three reactions?

jalynholden07   ·   05.08.2022 01:00
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answered: Kazya4
10.07.2019 01:20

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you can eliminate a, c, and d because they are questions based on opinions.

answered: mettababeeeee
09.07.2019 19:30

hey there!

mass = 6.75 g

volume =   9 cm³


d = mass / volume

d   = 6.75 / 9

d = 0.7 g/cm³

answer b

answered: tracitalbot
05.07.2019 02:40
Only one reactant yields 2 or more products. meaning you will only have 1 product and it will break down into 2 or more products. eg. h2o -> h2 + o2
answered: Isrene
26.06.2019 05:20
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