A piece of copper absorbs 5000 J of energy and undergoes a temperature change from 100 °C to 200 °C. What is the mass of the piece of copper? Group of answer choices

A. 12.9 grams

B. 129.9 grams

C. 0.385 grams

D. 1290 grams

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Temperature and pressure
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False because saturated fatty acids contain only single bond
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B.) 129.9 grams


To find the mass, you need to use the following equation:

Q = mcΔT

In this equation,

> Q = energy (J)

> m = mass (g)

> c = specific heat (J/g°C)

> ΔT = change in temperature (°C)

The specific heat of copper is 0.385 J/g°C. Knowing this, you can plug the given values into the equation and simplify to isolate "m".

Q = mcΔT                                                            < Equation

5000 J = m(0.385 J/g°C)(200 °C - 100 °C)        < Insert values

5000 J = m(0.385 J/g°C)(100)                            < Subtract

5000 J = m(38.5)                                                < Multiply 0.385 and 100

129.9 = m                                                             < Divide both sides by 38.5

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