The reaction below is at equilibrium. What would happen if more carbon were added?
C(s) + O₂(g) CO₂(g)

queenbroookk   ·   01.09.2022 18:20
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answered: katlynnschmolke
17.07.2019 16:30
Answer/// he concludes that the atom particles can be broken due to the paddle wheel being moved by particles coming out of the metal;
answered: zacharynugent
17.07.2019 02:00
The phase where ice changes directly to gas is called sublimation 
answered: pc103919
08.07.2019 19:50
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answered: taylortayshaun7
01.07.2019 14:00
Spontaneity tell us the direction of the reaction, but not how fast it goes. gibbs free energy brings together enthalpy, entropy and temperature in one easy formula. g = h - ts. and, finally the sign of delta g is always negative for a spontaneous reaction.

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