How do i find the k of o2(g)+2h2o(l)+2cu(s)→4oh−(aq)+2cu2+ (aq)

PatienceJenkins891   ·   22.07.2019 19:00
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answered: yennie123
08.07.2019 10:30

i wish i could but this one is weird give me abc and i can solve it.

answered: abc236
07.07.2019 09:50
The independent variable is the type of music.the dependent variable is the pulse rate.the intervening variable is the age of the subject.if the mother does not like rock, her pulse is likely to not increase.the same might be true for the sister.the friend may like rap and gets establish cause/effect relationship, all of the subjects must be consistent.hope i .
answered: belen27
01.07.2019 11:00
The answer is true for your question.
answered: anthonysutton82
28.05.2020 09:55
O₂(g) + 2H₂O(l) + 2CU(s) → 4OH⁻(aq) +2CU⁴(aq)
Anode: 2CU(s) →2CU²⁺(aq) + 4C⁻ 
E⁰ = 0.34V
Cathode: O₂(g) + 2H₂O(l) + 4e⁻ → 40⁴⁻(aq)
E⁰ = 0.40
E⁰ cell = E⁰ cathode - E⁰ anode = 0.40 -(.34V) = 0.06V
∴ 0.06 = 0.059L/4 log K
n = 4e⁻
K = 10⁴ 
= 1.0 × 10₄

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