"advertisements everywhere, i haven't time to think without some local merchant selling me the kitchen sink." which rhetorical device is used in these lines? a) hyperbole b) oxymoron c) repetition d) simile

u8p4   ·   23.06.2019 12:00
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28.06.2019 22:50

the correct answer is d.   to change the pace


28.06.2019 15:30

i'm pretty sure i had this question the other day and b was the right answer.

26.06.2019 17:30

the correct answer is c. usually the language, and its emotional insight, that is how feelings and attitudes are expressed through language, are not quite present in film adaptations. despite that, it is a factor that a fan may either not notice or not care much about, especially compared to the other factors.

answered: wbrandi118
25.06.2019 08:30

so whats the question?

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