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read the excerpt from the odyssey.
odysseus ignores his men's pleas to return to the ship. as a
result, they face terrible consequences. how does
odysseus's decision defy ancient greek attitudes and
why not
take these cheeses, get them stowed, come back,
throw open all the pens, and make a run for it?
we'll drive the kids and lambs aboard. we say
put out again on good salt water!
a great leader makes decisions that are good for him, no
matter how they affect his men.
a great leader listens to his men and considers their
thoughts and opinions.
a great leader has great self-control and makes sound
a great leader takes risks in order to gain more treasure
and learn about foreign lands.
how sound that was! yet i refused. i wished
to see the caveman, what he had to offer -
no pretty sight, it turned out, for my friends.
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lucifer has only once face

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it was the fourth thursday of november and cassey headed down to the woods to pick up the mushrooms mother had told her to to complement the turkey the family was going to have as they did every day.

she usually sweapt the floors and went for water, but today that task was asked to her younger sister since matthew, the only boy, had gone to the town with father in order to find cheap fabrics to make clothes.

the shoe business was not being as profitable as before, so they had decided to make clothes to sell in the village.

today there would not be time to play with mary, her neighbour and friend, to play to be still in water, a game that was not only part of the fun in the village, but also very useful if there happened to be an acciddent when she had to cross the shore by boat, as she had to at least twice a week to visit grandma.

bored and uninterested in the task she had been imposed to do, cassey started to pull up the best mushrooms she could see. suddenly, something hard was found by her tender fingers. she couldn't believe her eyes: a gold ring crowned by a diamond appeared between her fragile fingers

before she had time to think what to do, a deep voice spoke at her back.

- i heard your mum asking you to pick up mushrooms for the turkey - said her beloved tom - would you collect mushrooms for me next day?

- yes, sure. are you planning to invite someone important? - cassey asked.

- of course. i'm planning to invite two families, mine and my wife's. will you marry me? - tom asked on his knees.

cassey looked at the ring, then at tom, and she felt the moisture in her eyes. she hugged him, kissed him and in those simple actions the answer of her life was implied.

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30.06.2019 14:30

information must be sent by government offices to local town to be read at town meetings


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29.06.2019 20:50

connections  to the  book night by elie wiesel.   elie wiesel  is a holocaust survivor. as a young, jewish boy he was taken from his home with his family by the nazis. he was taken because he is jewish.

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