Said, 'That's your fault.' Works Cited
Kipling, Rudyard. "How the Rhinoceros Got His Skin." Just So Stories. Macmillan Publishers, 1902.
Yellow-Dog Dingo chases after Kangaroo because Kangaroo insulted him.
Kangaroo is exhausted at the end of the day.
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Kangaroo asks Nga to make him different from all other animals.
Kangaroo is unable to stop and eat.
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answered: lizzyhearts
30.06.2019 03:30

the answer is:

when will (v) the books (n) be (v) due?

nouns refer to people (other than pronouns), places and things, whereas verbs describe actions and are usually part of the predicate of a sentence. finally, pronouns can work as nouns and identify the participants in speech.

in the example sentence, "will" is a verb part or auxiliary verb, "be" is an infinitive verb and "books" is a plural noun.

answered: jaymoney0531
29.06.2019 06:30

b. cronkite, a trusted television personality, declared that the war was unwinnable and told the american people that the government had better find a way out

even though it went against everything the news anchors typically stood for, cronkite voiced an opinion and took a stance, telling the us that there was no way they were going to win, the war was going to end in a stalemate. 

answered: nisslove
26.06.2019 07:00

do you know the story wonder?

well on wonder it has different stories from each person and they can all share their thoughts and feeling each not just one. if there was one you would only get to see one persons thoughts and feelings. so do a story point on multiple of the main characters.

hope i !

- lilblakeyout

answered: Usman458
25.06.2019 21:30

quite an interesting way to teach topic sentences, because the answer to this question is the best definition of a topic sentence that one can present, it is as if answering the questions taught you how to do it, this is some real teaching, it is terribly well-done.

the topic sentence in this paragraph is:

topic sentences writers stay on track and keep a paragraph from becoming an aimless collection of sentences about an idea.

which incidentally tells you what a topic sentence should be.

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