From the text, “Tolerance is the word used most often when this kind of coexistence succeeds, but tolerance is a vanilla-pudding word. standing for little more than the allowance of letting others live unremarked and unm olested” (Quindlen 15) Look up the word tolerance in the dictionary. With that definition in mind, what do you think this portion of text means? What do you think the author is trying to say?

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Because greyhound is a type of dog and shark is a type of fish
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Should animals be killed for meat? should we stop deforestation to keep species of animals from going extinct? should we care if certain animals go extinct?
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an great real life example for the lottery principle is the real life lottery itself. it adheres to the lottery principle so much it's even called lottery. you apply for the lottery in the manner of getting a ticket and if you are lucky, the goods are distributed to you, in this case, the huge amounts of money. there are other real life example but this is the best one.

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