Which of the following coordinating conjunctions is a good choice to create a contrast between two simple sentences? a. And
b. But
c. For

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answered: miyahhh123
28.06.2019 21:30

i believe the answer is inference

answered: JaquoiaDean9823
28.06.2019 19:30

when talking about strong relationships there are no recipies. you should follow your own path.   anyway there are several thing you should bare in mind in every close relationship you commit: truth, commitment, communication, quality time, respect, time apart and appreciation.

trust meaning that your other half knows/fells your are there for him/her, you really care about him/her and support him/her. meaning you can keep your word and out your relationship first.

commitment means that you find solutions together, no matter what you will support him/her and stuggle that fight with him/her.

communication should be an everyday habit, but not only offering compliments i mean real conversation. you need to exercise tha way to communicate properly, a really helathy habit.

quality time, not quantity. you can be all day long together but if you don´t really conect and share time it would be useless. that will you maintain a deep conection.

respect your partner in every way: his heart, his character, his time but there are also many easy steps you can do to disrespect: threating to leave, talking negatively. this are usual thing, taken lightly that harm every relation.

time apart is also very makes you miss yourselves, and when you get together is marvelous realising how much you missed each other. don´t forget to mantein healthy boundaries and autonomy that will keep the quality time alive.

last but not least, appreciation. everybody needs it. everybody needs to know that he/she is recognised, loved, missed. so find the time and the way to let him/her know

answered: lexiships
24.06.2019 12:00

in "letter from a birmingham jail," king argues that there are four basic steps in any nonviolent campaign: "[c]ollection of the facts to determine whether injustices exist; negotiation; self purification; and direct action." finally, direct action is taken and acts such as boycotts and sit-ins are staged.

answered: gabyjr101
23.06.2019 11:30

the answer is a).

The table below represents an exponential function x. y 0. 1 2. 49 4. 2,401 6. 117,649 how do the y

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