(in the book, Angela's Ashes) Why does the narrator’s grandma fret that she has "God in me backyard"? A.

She is visited by an archangel in the middle of the night.


Frank tells her that he’s seen the Messiah standing by the fence.


Frank threw up his Communion wafer in her backyard.


She is delusional.


Everyone in Ireland believes God is in the backyard.

kodak0531   ·   14.10.2021 04:10
answered: lmorace
04.07.2019 00:00

it would be c. guilty

answered: diamondgray2003
02.07.2019 10:20
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answered: ariqueen
01.07.2019 20:00
At midnight thomas edison opened the door and continued his work, but to his surprise it was so late that he had to get some rest. but with his mind racing and his mind at sake he continued working. hours and hours went untill he got it. he had invented the worlds first lightbulb!
answered: fggfg33
27.06.2019 20:00

answer: yes, ive read this book! now whats the problem ?


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