Read the excerpt from the story Hummingbird and Heron: Many years ago, when the world was so young that the sun was still new in the sky, there lived two friends. Heron was large and slow, with a long, gangly neck and big, floppy wings. Hummingbird was tiny and swift, with wings that moved so quickly that they buzzed and a slender beak as sleek as a needle.

Heron and Hummingbird both loved to eat fish from the river. Every morning, Heron would fish to her heart's content, eating until her stomach was so round and heavy that she had to waddle back to shore. Every afternoon, Hummingbird would fish and feast until he was so heavy that his tiny, buzzing wings could no longer keep him in the air. Heron and Hummingbird thought they were the luckiest birds in the world.

What is the point of view in the story?

Group of answer choices


Third person

First person


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The old have free hearts and free minds.
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the answer would either be a or d

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a) madame podtochina used witchcraft to make it disappear.

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