Read the excerpt from the play The King of Sharks: Scene 2

Princess sits by a deep pool on the beach. A large home built into a cliff face is behind her. She holds a baby on her lap. In the pool, a large shark circles.

Narrator: After some time, the shark king and the princess were married. They lived together happily, and they had a son. Sadly, the enchantment that made the shark king human could not last forever.

Shark king emerges from the pool in human form. He removes his cloak and lays it at the princess's feet.

Shark King: My dearest one, I must return home to the ocean now. I will leave this magical cloak for our son. Whenever he wears it, he will be safe from all harm. One day, he will come to find me in his true home, under the waves.

Shark king jumps back into the pool and disappears down into its depths. The princess wraps the baby in the cloak.

How does the narrator's point of view influence the description of events?

Group of answer choices

The narrator's point of view allows the reader to see the shark king as unfortunate because the enchantment could not last.

The narrator's point of allows the reader to see the the princess as selfish when she tries to stop the shark king from leaving.

The narrator's point of view allows the reader to see the princess as heartbroken when she learns that the shark king must leave.

The narrator's point of view allows the reader to see the shark king as caring because he leaves the magical cloak with the princess to protect their son.

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What do you know so far but i can see what going on
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a.   gerasim ivan ilyich by caring for him in his last days, regardless of the challenge.

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because you can no longer feel the bubbles or hear the waves  

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Is this a test no cheating

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