Categorize each description below as belonging with either "Every Man A King," "Duty, Honor, Country," or "Both Categories."
Drop target 1
Drop target 2
Drop target 3

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laughter and happiness are an essential part of life. laughing releases the body's "feel good" chemicals. thus, it provides long or short term relief from stress and or anxiety. more or less, laughing strengthens social connections and provides an easy approach in social related situations.

moreover, there are many benefits of laughter and humor. it's as if they play the role of superhero to combat anxiety and depression, according to researchers. happiness and laughter is the best medicine for teen mental health.

what happens in the body also affects the mind. the positive changes in physical health also have profound an impact on mental health. we have a lot to gain from laughing! medical effects of laughter have continued to validate the pain-relieving effect and benefits of laughter.

scientists tell us that laughter and humor actually, believe it or not, lower blood pressure, reduce stress hormones and increase muscle flexion. there are many benefits to happiness and laughter, and they so happen to increase the circulation of antibodies in the blood stream and make us resistant to infections.

as stated before, laughing releases your body's "feel good" chemicals, and on a related note, negative stress can cause your body to release chemicals that weaken your immune system which makes you more likely to contract a disease. luckily, laughter reduces negative stress and prevents those chemicals from being released.

all in all, you may want to consider laughing as much as you can!

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what makes a hero is someone who tries and acres and then to save people and it’s not their jobs to save them just a normal person that has no experts of saving people would jump in to action without it twice about doing it. me that’s the defection of a hero!

answered: xrenay
25.06.2019 23:20

choose from these types:

the innocent

the orphan

the hero

the caregiver

the explorer

the rebel

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22.06.2019 16:30
The answer would be d. repetition.because "we are," is repeated multiple times.

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