Which statement correctly describes the characterization in this excerpt?
Mary Louise is characterized in a negative way through Sue Finley's words.
Mary Louise is characterized in a positive way through Jennie Allen's words.
Mary Louise is characterized in a negative way through Miss Stearne's words.
Mary Louise is characterized in a positive way through Dorothy Knerr's words.

almasahagung   ·   12.06.2023 05:19
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answered: kennakenken3
01.07.2019 18:30

whatever is after like is what is being compared they are comparing bumping into you like they are scared to catch germs you have and to you being contagious

answered: tinatis
01.07.2019 11:00

this is hard!  

answered: mil3ndy
26.06.2019 09:30

showing or suffering from nervousness, fear, or a lack of confidence

answered: homework2358
25.06.2019 03:40


the silver bells of the sleds are merry and keep time in the winter nights while the sky twinkles happily. the golden bells of weddings are delightful in their peaceful happiness, foretelling a rapturous future. meanwhile, the brazen alarm bells scream frightfully in the night, with a discordant and desperate sound. in their clamor, these bells convey terror, horror, and anger. finally, the iron bells are solemn and melancholy, while those in the church steeple are like ghouls who feel happiness. the king of the ghouls, who rings the bells, cheerfully keeps time with the moaning and groaning bells.

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