Which examples of bias does this excerpt show? Check all that apply.

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motion can be transfered from one object to another by having an objetct in motion push or hit it

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the answer is industry

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either a donut or a sphere or a pancake or a flat sphere. it depends on where the vertical line is.

if the line goes through the center of the circle and is perpendicular to a diameter containing the center, then you get a flat circle.

if the line and the diameter of a the circle meet in the center of the diameter and at an angle, you get a pancake.

if the line is on the circumference of the circle and is at right angles   to the circle you get a ring.

if the line contains the diameter, you get a sphere.

the the line is parallel to the diameter and touches the circumference, you get a donut.

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Iwould think it’s c
Which of the following statements is a claim of definition?

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