Considering this political cartoon was a British-created one, along with what you have read regarding Paine’s message in Common Sense, the purpose of the cartoon is most likely

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the group received an extra pound of butter for christmas.

the annex was delighted to hear that we'll all be receiving an extra quarter pound of butter for christmas.

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where is the passage at?

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try to do soaps tone.


o-occasion (the reason the author wrote the poem)

a-audience (who is this poem mostly for)

p-purpose (was it to convince, inspire, etc. the audience)

s-speaker (can be the author or another character, like is a child, adult, woman, elderly, animal narrating the poem)

tone- the mood the reader gets from this poem

mood- the mood the author had with their own poem

meaning- what do you think the meaning is?

message- what is the author trying to explain to the audience? like what is the theme?

if you still don't get it try showing everyone the poem so they could unravel it

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