The lion was prowling around.
The lion hunted for dinner.

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answered: dezmondpowell
29.06.2019 14:00

my best guess would be: d allusion

makes the most sense

answered: cece9080
29.06.2019 07:30

there are several different forms of presenting this; each has a very specific format. plays have a very simple format; teleplays, for television shows, or screenplays, for movies, have more complex and strict rules for formatting.


the first of these to be written for the express purpose of being performed were created by the greeks. many of our modern terms derive from greek origins.


in the greek sense, a play that doesn't end in death. in modern usage, refers to a play that is humorous.


in the greek sense, a play that ends with the death of at least one of the main characters. in modern usage, refers to a play that doesn't have a happy ending.

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29.06.2019 07:00


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28.06.2019 03:30

the correct answer is the last option

hope this

your pal abigail

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