Which of these animals were unable to adapt to a warmer climate
a) dinosaurs
b) wooly mammouth
c) dodo bird
d) lions
! : (

Bgreene2377   ·   06.10.2019 12:30
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answered: djtblaster
25.07.2019 06:00
Most of the land is used for housing/commercial uses
answered: jstamey757
25.07.2019 00:20

the part i "agree with' is " it should not matter what color their skin is or what their cultural beliefs are." but for the main part i agree with it all or if cause now and days there are some people don't get the job cause there skin color and there beliefs and some times they don't even get the same repest as white people. we are all equal.

answered: neariah24
22.07.2019 14:50
Answer: ai hope this and have a wonderful day filled with
answered: UnusualKc8513
05.01.2022 13:37
I think, among that list, dinosaurs would make the most sense.

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