The north's war strategy centered on
o all of the above
invading the south
capturing the confederate capital
dividing the south geographically

The north's war strategy centered on o all of the above invading the south capturi

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answer: in 1900, there were no "workplace safety laws"!

explanation: at the beginning of this century, workers in the united states faced remarkably high health and safety risks on the job.

a century ago in 1900 about three hundred out of every one hundred thousand miners were killed on the job each year.

[industria] developments occurred within a legal and regulatory climate that diminished employer’s interest in safety. as a result, americans developed production methods that were both highly productive and often very dangerous.

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the answer is c.

i hope this .

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(e) a major consequence of the election was that several southern states

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my cultural heritage consists of irish, german, native american, and others.

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