What is the name of the organization created to return arabs to areas claimed by israel?
a. the united arab force (uaf)
b. the league of arab nations (lan)
c. the palestine liberation organization (plo)
d. the israeli defense force (idf)

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the correct answer option is: weapons.


tensions rose as the two opposing superpowers competed for 'weapons'.

referring to the cold war (1945-1991), the two superpowers, usa and ussr, experienced a phase of struggle and conflict with each other. these two superpowers considered each other as a threat to their survival and thus opted for policies to strengthen their positions.

the two superpowers never went to war with each other directly but competed for weapons to preserve their positions.

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27.06.2019 04:00
In the midwest because it has more moderate climate than the north or south west which makes farming far easier.
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25.06.2019 09:30
Ithink a. cause egyptians worship a status and i havent even heard of c in my life.
answered: Ap621765
05.01.2022 20:36
The name of the organization that created to return Arabs to areas claimed by Israel is : The Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO)

the organization was founded on may 28 1964 which created to liberate the claimed Areas Through armed struggle ( violent forces)

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