What happened to the relationship between Patricians and Plebeians during Pax Romana?
a.) They existed side by side
b.) They fought for more rights for their own group
c.) They began to live in different parts of Rome
d.) They ceased to exist in society

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He droped it over the bridge into the river
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du boi was considered a radical because he wanted the immediate end for segregation. the biggest different between him and booker t. washington is that, even though washington believed that segregation should be considered illegal, he did not believe at all that a law was needed to keep blacks away from whites and that this would be something natural (to have the races apart) for a long time until society adjusted, while du boi believe that agitation was the only way to end segregation.

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answer: the time zones used to be whatever the local authority wanted them to be. one town might have 6am whenever the sun came up and another town had 6am 10 minutes later.  

the trains had a hard time when their orders said to be at a certain point at 6am.  

6am, but who's 6am.  

the railroads got together and set the time zones more or less along the longitude lines across the country.


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