Which of the following was a factor in the development of the cold war
a. chinese socialists took control of the government in china
b. an arms race developed between the u. s. and the soviet union
c. an alliance was formed between the soviet union, belgium, france, and portugal
d. a wall was built that divided portland into two nations

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06.07.2019 09:30

a element i know of that abused the power was the taxes the taxes were very heavy due to the war.

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05.07.2019 13:10
No, the alien theory is not a scientific claim. it is based on one's beliefs. 
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so, based on the research i've done. the u.s. government were always on a wild goose chase just to take down castro. he then retired his trone to his brother raul in 2008 due to some health issues. so it's obvious your answer would be:

castro had no allies from which he could receive aid.

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answered: Kayccee9958
05.01.2022 20:37
The option which was a factor in the development of the Cold War was B. an arms race developed between the US and the Soviet Union.
They were fighting to see which country had more weapons - nuclear weapons, to be more precise. 
The Cold War was mainly fought between America and Russia, the other countries didn't have much to do with it.

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