What is the historical context of the memo? A. The Battle of Berlin
B. The rise of Nazi Germany
C. The German Safety Initiative
D. The Berlin blockade

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30.06.2019 01:00

b is correct

have a cool day

answered: juanitarodrigue
28.06.2019 20:30

because people what other people gold


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26.06.2019 18:30

so what is your question?

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[tex]x = \pm 2\sqrt{2} \: \: or \: \: x = \pm 1[/tex]


the given equation is

[tex] {x}^{4} - 9 {x}^{2} + 8 = 0[/tex]

we can rewrite this as:

[tex]({x}^{2})^{2} - 9 {x}^{2} + 8 = 0[/tex]


[tex]u = {x}^{2} [/tex]

then the equation becomes:

[tex] {u}^{2} - 9 {u}^{2} + 8 = 0[/tex]

the factors of 8 that sum up to -9 are {-1,-8}

we split the middle term with these factors to obtain,

[tex] {u}^{2} - u - 8u+ 8 = 0[/tex]

we factor by grouping to obtain:

[tex]u(u - 1) - 8(u - 1) = 0[/tex]

[tex](u - 8)(u - 1) = 0[/tex]

apply the zero product property to get:

[tex]u - 8 = 0 \: \: or \: \: u - 1 = 0[/tex]

[tex]u = 8 \: or \: u = 1[/tex]


[tex]u = {x}^{2} [/tex]

[tex] {x}^{2} = 8 \: or \: {x}^{2} = 1[/tex]

[tex]x = \pm \sqrt{8} \: \: or \: \: x = \pm \: \sqrt{ 1} [/tex]

[tex]x = \pm 2\sqrt{2} \: \: or \: \: x = \pm 1[/tex]

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