What was the first football game

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the wants of children today than in colonial times are very different. as well as the roles. children now have electronics such as phones, tablets, tvs, etc. back then, kids didn’t have electronics. in the colonial times, children were expected to their parents in their work. but now, children are expected to go to school.

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both are true, the congress does have the power to create banks, even if this power is not specifically described in the constitution, since there is nothing restricting it and there is power given to the congress to make "all laws which shall be necessary and proper". maryland was not allowed to tax a branch of the national bank operating there, and the supreme court decided that no state could. both of these topics were discussed in a decision of the mcculloch v. maryland case in 1819.

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answer: which of the following best describes greek tragedy?

a) it was lighthearted and included songs and elaborate costumes.

b) the plays included political statement that mocked leaders and their policies.

c) the lead character suffers because of personal flaw.

d) the gods intervene negatively in the lives of men.

the answer would be d


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Princeton vs. Rutgers on November 6, 1869.

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