How can discussions, projects, campaigns, and events support victims of GBV

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25.09.2019 19:20


b. tell a trusted adult


most reasonable¯\_(ツ)_/¯(^.^)/~~~

answered: kelly3215
17.09.2019 03:20

more people will not obey the law or vice vice versa

explanation: the answer really speaks for itself if the number of prisoners are going up then that means that more people will not obey the law and if less people are going to prison then that means that more people are obeying the law.

answered: ImHotRacerYT
11.09.2019 21:30

arsonist charge


when you light somebody's property on fire you are considered and arsonist and are charged with an arsonist charge

answered: mommytobe2019
21.08.2019 01:30

constructive criticism

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