The total United States Debt is 27 trillion and climbing. The yearly interest on that debt is around 350 billion per year.
Does the Federal Debt really matter? Are they just numbers or do we really have to pay the money
back one day?
If you were going to balance the Federal Budget and pay off the debt, how would you do it? Less
spending? More taxes? Combination?

alexa3941   ·   04.05.2022 14:00
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answered: cooltrey777
03.12.2019 06:31

answer: a. 3 to 5 seconds  


answered: svarner2001
02.12.2019 23:31



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answered: luiggie
27.09.2019 17:30
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answered: shreyapatel2004
26.09.2019 03:10
The answer would be: unhappiness

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