Afreight elevator can safely hold no more than 2000 pound. an elevator operator must take 55lb boxes to a storage área. if he weighs 165 pounds how many boxes can he safely move at one time.

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answered: KillerSteamcar
26.06.2019 07:00

5.25 ounces

step-by-step explanation:

divided 3/4 and 6

answered: danielamejia13
25.06.2019 20:00


step-by-step explanation:

if you divide 10 by 60 the answer is 0.166666 while if you divide or solve the other problems it equals 0.6

23.06.2019 11:30


step-by-step explanation:

2x2 – 2(x+4)





answered: REAPR9043
11.03.2022 12:00

33 boxes.

Step-by-step explanation:

We have been given that a freight elevator can safely hold no more than 2000 pound. Weight of elevator operator is 165 pound. Weight of each box is 55 pound.

Let n be number of boxes. We will write an inequality as weight of elevator operator and weight of all boxes should be no more than 2000 pound.

55*n+165\leq 2000

Now we will solve our inequality to find number of boxes that could be moved safely at one time.

55*n\leq 2000-165

55*n\leq 1835

n\leq \frac{1835}{55}

n\leq 33.363636

Therefore, 33 boxes can be moved safely at one time.  

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