Write an expression that is equivalent to two over three (4x + 9).

eight over three x + 6

eight over three x + 9

two over three x + 6

two over three x + 9

ELIZABETH7777   ·   31.12.2019 15:31
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answered: jeisleen6808
29.06.2019 03:30
What are 5e numbers?
answered: Naysa150724
27.06.2019 05:50

answer:   b

step-by-step explanation:

x2 = 16

x can not be a negative number because 16 is positive

the only answer would be positive 8  

answered: jocko1224
23.06.2019 20:30
The answer is mathg.a.y
answered: vlactawhalm29
14.01.2022 01:28
Eight over three x+6.

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