3. Shane has two SIMILAR regular pyramids with Pentagon-shaped bases.
The smaller has a scale factor of 2:3 when compared to the larger.
Only the smaller pyramid is shown.
He calculates the area of the base of the pyramid (through long, hard work) to be 110.11 square
units. The height of the pyramid is 12 units. He now needs to calculate the Volume of the pyramid
A. Calculate the Volume of the Pyramid for Shane

B. “oh, no!” Shane exclaims. “Now I have to go through all this hard work again to find the Volume of the larger pyramid!” Does he?

C. Calculate the Volume of the larger pyramid for Shane.

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nostep-by-step explanation:


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Can you provide the tape diagram?
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Dis the correct answer
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A) 440.44 units³

B) similar figures

C) 1486.485 units³

Step-by-step explanation:

Volume = ⅓× base area × height

= ⅓ × 110.11 × 12 = 440.44 units³

B) he doesn't have to make calculations again because the two pyramids are similar.

If the ratio of sides is given, he can find the other volume using:

(side1/side2)³ = volume1/volume2

(2/3)³ = 440.44/volume2

Volume2 = 440.44 × 27/8

Volume2 = 1486.485 units³

Step-by-step explanation:

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