Identify which of the following sets of numbers the number belongs to: rational numbers, integers, whole numbers. Some plz hELP ME 4/5 A. Rational Number B. Whole Number C. Integer

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30.06.2019 18:30
The answer would be 16
answered: ciarra31
28.06.2019 12:30

the 8 in 8,420 is in the thousands place so it's value is 8 thousand.

the 8 in 6,870 is in the hundreds place so it's value is 8 hundred.

divide 8000 by 800 to find the answer:

8000 / 800 = 10

the 8 in 8,420 is 10 times greater than the 8 in 6,870

answered: bryce2892
27.06.2019 12:30
Skew lines(segments) are lines(segments) in 3 dimensions that do not intersect the given segment and are not parallel to it.  ae, bf, eg, and fh are your skew segments.  i hope that : )
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01.02.2022 03:50
4/5 is a rational number because one number is being divided by another number
answered: Jennifer2005
01.02.2022 03:50

101 belongs to the following sets:

Rational numberInteger numberWhole number

Step-by-step explanation:

You first have to know what all those words mean.

 -A rational number is a number who can be expressed in a ratio, and a  


-A integer includes a whole number and negatives numbers that is not a

 fraction. Ex: -0, 1

-Whole numbers are numbers are whole numbers up to infinity Ex: 1,2,3

*Extra tip:

The difference between integer numbers and whole numbers is that integer numbers contain all whole numbers that are positive and negative up to infinity. But Whole numbers don't contain negative numbers.

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