The school hiking club has completed 4 out of 5 hikes so far this year. They have hiked 4.6 miles, 3.7 miles, 5.1 miles, and 2.9 miles. If their goal is to hike 20 total miles, how many miles does the last hike need to be? 1.7 miles
4.7 miles
2.7 miles
3.7 miles

yol123   ·   03.11.2020 22:40
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answered: gyliahicks
27.06.2019 09:00
Do you need with the x value for the minimum? its always between the two intercepts for a parabola
answered: fbr45508
25.06.2019 19:00

i dont know if you cant find a way its best to actually add all of them start from 105 tho

step-by-step explanation:

I’m not sure how to solve these type of problems
25.06.2019 02:00
Here are the answers to the ones that i could see.
Someone i'm failing and my teacher hates me
answered: Tink2334
07.02.2022 06:20

there last hike i think needs to be 7.2 miles long

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