Which of the following is true of an outlier? An outlier is a false data point.
An outlier does not affect measures of central tendency.
An outlier is always the highest or lowest value in a data set.
An outlier is not near the main cluster of data.

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25.06.2019 11:00


step-by-step explanation:

draw the shape and you will see that f and k are actually at adjacent vertices (points of the hexagon that are neighboring).   so find the distance between (1,2) and (4,2).   that is easy since (1,2) and (4,2) is just a vertical distance to count, which is 3.   it is a regular polygon which means all sides are congruent.   you have 6 sides (hexa) so multiply 6 by 3 to receive 18.

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24.06.2019 09:30

do you have the measurements?

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24.06.2019 06:00
No because if you do the higher number minus the lower number you will get a positive. if you do it the other way around you will get a negative number
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09.02.2022 02:43

The last one is the best answer choice

An outlier is not near the main cluster of data

little tip to help you remember is that the name is outlier and out means out and outliers are always out of the main cluster of data

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