In your math book, draw a diagram to represent each of these situations. Then, describe your diagram by filling in the blanks with the appropriate number or word for each part of the question: The first arrow starts a zero and goes to (what number?). The second arrow starts at (what number?) and goes to the (left/right) (what number?) units. Finally, write an addition expression that represents the final temperature. a. The temperature was 80°F and then fell 20°F.
b. The temperature was -13°F and then rose 9°F.
c. The temperature was -5°F and then fell 8°F.

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Where’s the picture or data?
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inverse operation of addition

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d 25 pi/6

step-by-step explanation:

the diameter is 10 inches

the radius is 1/2 of the diameter or 5 inches

the area of the circle is

a = pi r^2

  = pi 5^2

  = 25 pi

the slice is 60 degrees of the entire circle.

60 degrees out of 360   60/360 = 1/6

the area of the slice is 1/6 of the circle

a slice = 1/6 a circle

a slice = 1/6 * 25 pi

I'm too tired to answer this question
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1/4 because there is 4 grades.

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