This is kirtys recipe for breakfast cereal 50 grams of oats 30 grams of raisins 40 grams of nuts if she uses 125 grams of oats, how many grams of raisins does she need

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21 because hes a savage and is apart of slaughter gang
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the final amount you will pay is $68.04.

the tip is determined by the pre-tax amount, so we calculate the tip based on the original bill, not after we've added sales tax.

to find the tip:

we can divide 54.00 by 100 to get 1% of 54. then we multiply that by 18.

54 / 100 = .54

.54 x 18 = 9.72

tip = 9.72$

to find the tax:

we can divide 54.00 by 100 to get 1% of 54. then we can multiply that by 8 to get 8%.

54 / 100 = .54

.54 x 8 = 4.32

tax= 4.32

now we can add the tip and tax to the bill to get our total.

54 + 9.72 + 4.32 = 68.04

total: $68.04

step-by-step explanation:

answered: GabbyLandry
26.06.2019 03:00

so a parallelogram is just like a square base times height. multiply 40 and 39 to get 1560 inches.

a triangle is base times height divided by two. so multiply 7.9 and 5 and then divide it by 2 to get 19.75inches.

the kite can be split into two separate triangles and added together to get the total area. 30 x 4 /2 which equals 60. make sure to double it for the two triangles making 120.

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100g Hope this help have a good day
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Step-by-step explanation:

hope i helped

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