5. You are comparing prices at two local storage vendors. Rent-A-Space charges a monthly fee of 22 cents per cubic foot plus 5.5% sales tax. Store-Ur-Stuff charges a monthly fee of 25 cents per cubic foot plus 5.5% sales tax. If you pay the Store-Ur-
Stuff bill prior to the first of the month, you will get a 4% discount, but you will still have to pay sales tax on the pre-
discount cost. Assuming you pay the bill prior to the first of the month, which of the following pairs of expressions
represents the cost each company charges based on the number of cubic feet, f, needed?
Rent-A-Space: 0,22f +0.055(0.221
Store-Ur-Stuff: 0.25f +0.055(0.25) -0.04(0.251)
B. Rent-A-Space: 0.227 +0.055(0.227
Store-Ur-Stuff: 0,25f +0,055(0.251)
Rent-A-Space: 0.22f+0.055(0.221 -0.040.251)
Store-Ur-Stuff: 0.25f +0.055(0.251
Rent-A-Space: 0.227 -0.055(0.22
Store-Ur-Stuff: 0.256 -0.055€0.251) - 0,040.25
E. Rent-A-Space: 0.227
Store-Ur-Stuff: 0.25% - 0.040.25

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answered: abell23000
28.06.2019 19:00


step-by-step explanation:

answered: bryce2892
27.06.2019 12:30
Skew lines(segments) are lines(segments) in 3 dimensions that do not intersect the given segment and are not parallel to it.  ae, bf, eg, and fh are your skew segments.  i hope that : )
answered: tornadobrooks11
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A. but. i don’t nohxbzbz
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What’s your question.

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