Suppose the geographic areas of California and the U. S. are 1.637 x 10^5 and 3.794 x 10^6 sq. mi., respectively. California’s population (as of 2012) is approximately 3.804 x 10^7 people. If population were proportional to area, what would be the U. S. population

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you have to multiply the number without the decimal point then add it later but if its tenn u must move the place value of the decimal point 1 to the right.

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the solution of the equation is 2.23 ⇒ answer b

step-by-step explanation:

* lets revise the meaning of exponential function

- the form of the exponential function is y = ab^x, where a ≠ 0, b > 0 ,  

  b ≠ 1, and x is any real number

- it has a constant base b

- it has a variable exponent x

- to solve an exponential equation, take the log or ln of both sides,  

  and solve for the variable

* lets solve the problem

∵ [tex]7^{x}=77[/tex]

- the base is 7 and the exponent is x

- insert ㏑ in both sides

∴ [tex]ln(7^{x})=ln(77)[/tex]

- use the rule [tex]ln(a^{n})= nln(a)[/tex]

∴ x ㏑(7) = ㏑(77)

- to find x divide both sides by ㏑(7)

∴ [tex]x=\frac{ln(77)}{ln(7)}=2.23[/tex]

* the solution of the equation is 2.23 to the nearest 2 decimal places

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what graph

step-by-step explanation:

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