What is the slope-intercept form of the following equation? 2x+2y=20

Question 2 options:

y= x+10

2y= -2x+20

y= -x-10

y= -x+10

brandon56238   ·   14.10.2021 16:20
answered: serenityarts123
30.06.2019 08:10


step-by-step explanation:

based on the question i am guessing that it is a typo for abc

Given: is a diameter m 1 = 100° m bc= 30° m cab= 60 110 330
answered: archersmithdrag
29.06.2019 08:20
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answered: kprincess16r
25.06.2019 11:30

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answered: jshhs
14.10.2021 16:20


Step-by-step explanation:

First we must know the format of slope-intercept form!

This is: y=mx+b (where "m" is the slope and b is the y-intercept)

Given this equation: 2x+2y=20   we must convert this into the format of slope-intercept form.

First, we should move the "2x" to the other side of the equation, we do this by subtracting -2x from 2x and proceed to move it to the other side.

This would be result in: 2y=-2x+20

Next, we need to isolate the "y" variable by dividing the 2 off of it.

What you do to one side you do to the other!

-2 / 2 is -1 so this will just be "-x"

20 / 2 is 10

Therefore, our resulting equation will be: y = -x+10

I hope this helped! Feel free to ask questions if you feel the need!

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